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Women's Health Check and Consultation

​This is a Women’s health / fertility focussed GP consultation including smear test. The focus is on gaining a general overview of any women's health problems and identifying any areas that may need further attention.

What is included?

  • ​You will consult with a female GP regarding menstrual and fertility/birth/obstetric history, have a smear test and discuss general health as time allows.
  • Be prepared to give a detailed past medical history including treatments and any current effects of women’s health issues on your lifestyle and relationships.
  • This consultation includes full health screening questionnaire, cervical smear testing, urine testing and fingerpick glucose screening, blood pressure, height, weight, body composition: percentage body fat/muscle/visceral fat, and BMI.
  • Our Women’s Health interest GP will review your signup questionnaire for any general and women’s health problems, diet, lifestyle and relationships, work life balance and may give advice on risk reduction, fertility and menstrual problems; optional STI screening can be added if requested or recommended while working with you to create a management plan.

Consultation fee includes in house therapist referral letters and 1 external referral letter.

Relevant private prescriptions, blood tests and arrangement of scans / investigations are offered at additional cost.

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