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Our starter Basic Health Screening Package provides an excellent 'snapshot' report on your current health status detailing many physical parameters for a general overview of how things stand at present. It does not include blood tests other than finger prick glucose/cholesterol but these can be added on for extra charge.

What it includes:

  • Personal health questionnaire covering medical history, diet, lifestyle, wellbeing and activity.
  • Tests include height, weight, body composition, BMI, Lung age and Function (Spirometry)
  • Examinations include Blood pressure, heart, lung, abdominal circumference.
  • Fingerprick blood test for instant glucose.
  • Urine dipstick screen for diabetes, infection, kidney / bladder health.
  • Personal Risk profile for diabetes and heart including heart age estimation.
  • Personal action plan detailing areas for attention.
  • Wide range of blood tests are available through our lab for an additional fee.
  • Relevant private prescriptions, immunisations, screening venous blood tests and arrangement of scans / investigations are offered at additional cost.

Cost of medical reports or additional doctors letters available on request.
A consultation report is provided to you and copied to your NHS GP on request.

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